Abberley Yachts Website Design

Client: Abberley Yachts
Services: Website design, catalog design, online materials design
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The Client

Abberley Luxury Yachts is a yacht charter service ensuring that chartering and owning a yacht is an exhilarating, pampered and joyful experience, an unmatchable synergist in making picture perfect memories on the sea.

Abberley Yachts website

The Brief

The Abberley Yachts website had an extensive brief, inspired by the great chartering sites. The requirements could be as follows:

  1. present the yachts as detailed as possible, with multiple sorting and comparison filters;
  2. offer the possibility of filtering and searching according to a series of criteria;
  3. to contain a section of destinations with structured by geographical areas, with details about each location appreciated by tourists;
  4. display the available yachts for each location;
  5. blog area with extensive articles about attractive areas everywhere, with tips for yacht rentals and recommended yachts;
  6. extended photo gallery for both destinations and yachts;
  7. easy-to-maintain backend, where yachts can be easily upgraded, new boats added, sorted and entered essential details for each;
  8. rise to the level of large sites in the field at a much lower cost.
Abberley Yachts website

The Process

The creation of the Abberley Yachts website was a major challenge, both in terms of the design and the technical solution of the required functionalities. Coordination between the design team and the programmers was a very important issue, given that the design had to set the direction of implementing the functionalities. The choice of the CMS platform allowed us a great freedom in terms of design, the site being designed to behave similarly on both mobile and laptop / desktop without creating stand-alone solutions for each environment.

Abberley Yachts website

The Result

The result is a complex, easy-to-navigate site where the visitor can easily find the information they are looking for, make decisions about their next experience at sea, from renting a small yacht for several platforms to large yachts with crew included. The information is elegantly structured and easy to comprehend seconded by spectacular images in an impressive number. In any section of the site the visitor will find a bouquet of carefully chosen images to support all the valuable information hosted by each page.

Abberley Yachts website

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