Biomedicus Packaging

Client: S&D Cosmetics
Services: Packaging design, 3D simulations

The Client

Biomedicus is a brand developed by SD Cosmetics with a range of naturally occurring products, which exhibit the medical properties of some special plants traditionally used by the people.

Biomedicus Packaging

The Brief

Existing packaging was obsolete, erased and without a visual impact. Our task was to change the packaging, without intervening in the boxes to keep the production costs reasonable, by reinventing the existing labels and bringing the product to a modern, contemporary area. Cosmetic Plant Fusion catalog

The Process

Being a niche product, with a limited spread, market research proved to be a complicated task. Without clear competition, without a clear target audience, similar products oscillate between a rudimentary approach and limited attempts to define a range or trend. The importance of using illustrations with the plants in the main ingredient was our primary focus.

The Result

The packaging of the Biomedicus range has now defined a clear, impactful, easily recognizable visual direction. The versatile design is elegantly applied to the entire range using color coding by active ingredients and accompanied by illustrations with less common plants that are the main ingredient of the product. Sleeve labels provide extra security by sealing the product.

Cosmetic Plant Fusion catalog

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