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Client: Cemacon
Services: Website design, Icon design
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The Client

Cemacon is a company with a history of over 50 years that operates 3 factories, of which the largest and most modern production capacity of ceramic blocks and the largest production capacity of lintels in Romania, thus being the market leader in ceramic blocks in Transylvania.

They proposed to revolutionize the construction materials industry in Romania and developed the Evoceramic VB range, ceramic blocks with integrated basalt wool that ensure the thermal comfort of the home without the need for an external thermal insulation system.

Cemacon website

The Brief

The client want to take to another level the experience that a customer has when interacting with the brand and the website through design, intuitiveness and "customer experience" to reflect exactly the innovative brand positioning of Cemacon . Their expectations in the design area was a clean platform, simple and intuitive navigation, thin fonts, highlighted messages with large fonts and very large images.

The website aims to:

  1. present of the company and products;
  2. working tool for construction specialists, distributors, employees and the final customer through technical sheets, information and tools;
  3. employer branding;
  4. convince the end customer to request the product from distributors, architects or builders.
Cemacon website

The Process

After a thorough documentation among the competitors and other sites with similar content, we started to structure the website and order the content on the pages. We continued with establishing the colour scheme of the website in harmony with the brand and choosing the fonts for the design proposals. In accordance with the client's wish, we continued to extend the design on all pages of the site from desktop to mobile.

Cemacon website

The Result

32 pages with a distinct design and 12 mobile translations with a balanced user-oriented design emphasizing the product and the advantages it brings. The design includes in addition to product presentations a dedicated set of icons, dedicated forms, necessary computers, product comparator, search for distributors or architects and galleries with reference works.

Cemacon website

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