Cosmetic Plant Fusion Catalog

Client: Cosmetic Plant
Services: catalog design, DTP

The Client

Founded in 1991 in Cluj-Napoca, Cosmetic Plant, a family owned company that has become one of the most important Romanian cosmetics manufacturers. With its wide range of quality products inspired by nature, winners of several international awards, it supports women, giving them the beauty and brilliance they deserve.

Cosmetic Plant Fusion Catalog

The Brief

The requirement of Cosmetic Plant for this project was the creation of a product catalog for their highest positioned product range, Fusion. The catalog should denote the quality of the products and provide as much information as possible about them. Graphically and structurally, the requirements were summarized as follows:

  1. usage of large images with women;
  2. presentation of each product with description;
  3. categorization of products by pages according to their characteristics or subcategory;
  4. displaying the strengths of each product.
Cosmetic Plant Fusion Catalog

The Process

Layout proposals carefully constructed according to the demanding requirements of the brief led to the crystallization of a concrete graphic direction and its extension to the entire range of products. Long-term searches for images to use on each page have led to image suggestions that resonate with each product itself for color and visual harmony. Edits and corrections made to each image were necessary for an exceptional, flawless result.

The Result

The Fusion catalog is a unique experience, an elaborate introduction to the world of Cosmetic Plant’s Fusion range products. The carefully chosen large images are accompanied by detailed information about each product, grouped according to the active ingredient, color-coded as well as the packaging of the range.

Cosmetic Plant Fusion Catalog

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