Crama Ratesti Catalog

Client: Crama Ratesti
Services: Catalogue design, DTP, packaging, labels, identity

The Client

Crama Rătești is a winery in the north west of Transylvania, an area with an old viticultural tradition. The wines of the winery obtained from young plantations are fresh and flavored with numerous prizes won at international competitions.

Crama Ratesti Catalog

The Brief

The need for a catalog to present the winery and the wines was born after the completion of the packaging for the main ranges produced by Crama Rătești.

Crama Ratesti Catalog

Our Approach

Being the ones who built the Crama Rătești brand from the beginning and the ones who elaborated all the wine packaging, our approach was to continue organically the design line designed for labels, as well as the presentation of each product in the most advantageous form. The layout of the pages fits perfectly according to the wine ranges, divided by color (white, red and rose). The black-and-white images that accompany the wines highlight the wines, with special bottle shapes elegantly combined with majestic labels.

The Result

Rătești Winery's product catalog is a special product, appreciated and widely used by the marketing and sales team. It is tailored to the wines as a quality, visually supporting them, thus facilitating the introduction of the range in new markets.

Crama Ratesti Catalog

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