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Client: Tectum Steel
Services: Identity, Website design, Icons design
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The Client

Tectum Steel is a specialist in the field of metal roofs with a selected range of models of metal tiles and other complementary products in construction such as rain gutters, roof windows, fence slats, bridge stairs, corrugated iron and click metal sheets.

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The Brief

Website design associated with logo redesign. The website must present products from different manufacturers, competitors in the field, without favoring a specific brand and present a much wider range of products compared to other online competitors. The design should be customer-oriented, with clear price offers and helpful solutions in the form of a roof configurator. Product categories will have filters for a more relevant search based on product features.

The presentation of the products in detail must include the following:

  1. prices displayed according to thickness and finishes
  2. colors available at each finish
  3. table with technical characteristics
  4. link to the technical data sheet and roof configurator
  5. gallery with realized projects
  6. specific offer request form
Tectum Steel website

The Process

We started with the analysis of the competition and the producers together with the analysis of the brief going through a process of crystallization of the structure, presentation and chiseling of the content taking into account usability and putting us in the position of customer to identify the need for information by accessing the website. We continued by structuring the elements to find the most balanced ordering of the elements both visually and as information or content.

Tectum Steel website

The Result

The result is a structured, organized and easy-to-understand design that presents products, services and the company in a professional manner. The logo is perfectly integrated in a responsive, clean and professional website helped by icons created especially for the brand, with well-defined and balanced colors on all pages.

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