Vitaessence Website Design and Identity

Client: Vitaessence
Services: Identity, Website design, Online materials design
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The Client

Vitessence was born from the desire to offer a range of products as suitable as possible for people who actively choose a balanced lifestyle.

Vitaessence identity

The Brief

The customer's requirement for creating the identity and design of the online store was centered around the idea of balanced, organic food. The relevant indications were summarized in:

  1. reduced color palette (black and white + an accent);
  2. organic and balanced.
Vitaessence website

The Process

After a documentation regarding the similar brands on the market and a positive and negative categorization from the client regarding the visual presentation of the competition, we moved on to proposals for the logo. The proposals turned into an organic development together with the client to find the most desired form for identity.

Vitaessence website

The Result

Following the creative process that extended over a longer period, the current identity translated into office materials, online store design and some online communication ideas materialized. The design of the online store emphasizes the simplicity of the logo and highlights the products. The reduced number of colors, a palette focused on black and white with cyclamen accents offer a clean space where the focus is on the products on sale.

Vitaessence Social Media Banners

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